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Grace Hale Collaborates with Sierra Hull on an Arrangement

Grace Hale's arrangement of Sierra Hull's "Sunday" appeared in a "Bluegrass Meets Klezmer"-themed concert with the Portland Chamber Orchestra and the Walla Walla Symphony. Her composition professor, Ofer Ben-Amots, and banjo player Keith Reed were also apart of the concert.

Photographer Carl LaCasse

In an interview with Miriam Brown:

MIRIAM BROWN: "How did you come to collaborate with Sierra Hull? What were Keith and Ofer's roles in all of this?"

GRACE HALE: "Sierra and I met through Ofer Ben-Amots during her time at Colorado College's Summer Music Festival where she gave a stunning performance at the Richard F. Celeste theater. Although we only spoke briefly, I remember being completely enamored by her kindness and talent. I don't think I could have fathomed a future collaboration with her. In the following January during a performance of his Klezmer Concerto, Ofer approached me about an upcoming project of his with the Portland Chamber Orchestra and Walla Walla Symphony. He told me that the theme of the concert was "Bluegrass Meets Klezmer." I stared at him in confusing, trying to decide if I heard him correctly. He repeated himself jokingly, 'Yes, Grace. [The theme] is Bluegrass meets Klezmer. Haven't you heard of such a thing?'

"He mentioned how Sierra Hull and Kieth Reed were performing on the program as well, and Sierra needed her song "Sunday" to be arranged for orchestra. He wanted me to do it, saying it would be amazing opportunity to practice orchestral arranging and working with professional musicians. It was like being thrown off the deep end, and I was absolutely elated."

More from the interview here:


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