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Grace Hale invited to Alderworks Alaska Artist Residency - June, 2022

"Alderworks 2022 residents announced!

Alderworks Alaska Writers and Artists Retreat returns to a full season of residencies this summer. Starting off the first summer session toward the end of May will be Florida novelist Chelsea Catherine, Chicago music composer Grace Hale, and New York City writer/filmmaker Jillian Eugenios. Then, for our second session beginning in mid-July we will welcome Virginia visual artist Jacqueline Dubois and two Oregon writers: Catherine Malcynsky, a short story writer from Bend; and Megan Corrarino, a novelist from Portland. We are looking forward to sharing our Alderworks cabins in Dyea with these six very talented individuals. Watch for event announcements in June and August, when they will share their work with the community."


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