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Grace Hale Takes First Place in Rocky Mountain Brassworks Composition Competition

Grace Hale won first place in the 2018 Colorado Collegiate Composition Competition with her piece "Rhapsody on a Cityscape" for British Brass Band. From the program notes:

(Cover art by Wayan Buschman)

"Rhapsody on a Cityscape was written for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Brassworks Composer Competition in celebration of the promotion of new British Brass Band music. One of three British Brass Bands left in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Brassworks has contributed to the British Brass Band tradition for decades, sharing its rare music to communities in the Colorado area. Rhapsody on a Cityscape is an ode to Hale’s undying imagination and love for her Chicago roots. The piece is a depiction of one of Hale’s fondest childhood memories—driving into the city, watching the skyscrapers emerge from the depths of the horizon. Rhapsody on a Cityscape is not what one might consider a “British Brass Band” style piece, rather contains more of an “American” vernacular. Hale believed it was pertinent to express a musical narrative most honest to her own; therefore, she showcases her influences in Chicago jazz and blues. British Brass Bands originated among common middle-class people in Britain, thus Hale contributes to this sentiment with a spacious, tonal, and sonically inviting piece."


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