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Film Scores

Redemption - Trailer (2021)

RedemptionGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:41

Come Curious (2020)

Planet Earth (Locusts) - Rescored (2020)

A scene from Planet Earth depicts locusts taking flight over vast rolling hills. The cue begins with a closeup of a small locust hopping into frame to join the others as they prepare for takeoff. As the scene progresses, more and more locusts join the mass until billions of locusts swarm the skies--an otherworldly spectacle. 

LocustsGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:36

Vrásky z lásky (Wrinkles Out of Love) - Rescored (2018)

Elegy | Vrásky z láskyGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:41
Reborn | Vrásky z láskyGrace Hale
00:00 / 02:18

Bruce Almighty - Rescored (2018)

Magic vs. Man
Magic vs. Man | Bruce AlmightyGrace Hale
00:00 / 02:05
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