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Film Scores

Planet Earth (Locusts) - Rescored

A scene from Planet Earth depicts locusts taking flight over vast rolling hills. The cue begins with a closeup of a small locust hopping into frame to join the others as they prepare for takeoff. As the scene progresses, more and more locusts join the mass until billions of locusts swarm the skies--an otherworldly spectacle. 

LocustsGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:36

Vrásky z lásky (Wrinkles Out of Love) - Rescored 

The 2012 film Vrásky z lásky, directed by Jiri Strach, is a Czech film based on a screenplay by Mark Epstein. The film tells a story of two people who, despite their old age, want to enjoy the final years of their lives. After many years, the former actress and retired teacher reunite on an adventurous journey to fulfill their lifelong dreams. 

Elegy | Vrásky z láskyGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:41
Reborn | Vrásky z láskyGrace Hale
00:00 / 02:18
Magic vs. Man

Bruce Almighty - Rescored

Directed by Tom Shadyac and written by Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe and Steve Oederk, Bruce Almighty tells the story of an unlucky TV reporter named Bruce Nolan who blames God for his unfortunate life. In a moment of anger, Bruce screams aloud that God is to blame for not doing his job well. During an unsuspected visit, God decides to teach Bruce a lesson by letting him play the role of God for a week. In the demo cue below, Bruce decides to use his new powers to get back at his bullies from the alley. 

Magic vs. Man | Bruce AlmightyGrace Hale
00:00 / 02:05

Trailer Music

RedemptionGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:41
Mount Helena
Chief MountainGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:01
Logan Pass
Trail of the CedarsGrace Hale
00:00 / 02:03
Chief Mountain
Mount HelenaGrace Hale
00:00 / 01:13
Trail of Cedars
Logan PassGrace Hale
00:00 / 05:24